About Us

The Stat Pack was born in November 2013 when co-publishers Mike PeQueen and John Restrepo decided to create a monthly newsletter focused on the Southern Nevada economy. While a number of fine sources of economic information were available, Mike and John believed they could fill a content gap by offering a concise, data-driven, easy-to-read e-report that combined relevant statistics with boots-on-the-ground analysis and insight. Offered as a four page PDF with no advertising and no agenda, the goal was simply to provide interesting, relevant, at-a-glance information to readers.

Each month, The Stat Pack featured data, dialogue and trends on regular economic indicators including employment, visitor volume, room revenue, gaming revenue, the housing markets, industrial and retail markets, and taxable sales. In addition, the newsletter offered a variety of analyses and/or commentaries on business and economic issues affecting Southern Nevada. From real estate issues to the job market, from energy policy to the tax environment, John and Mike looked at the numbers and put the latest data in context so Nevada’s decision-makers could increase their understanding and reduce the risk of the unknown.

Readership grew from a few hundred to a few thousand and, over time, additional types of content were added including To the Point, a collection of links to interesting or surprising Nevada-centric news articles, charts, and graphs; Viewpoints, featuring thought pieces and in-depth Q&A interviews with Nevada business and community leaders; and Ask HighTower, a single-question feature offering insight into the world of finance and wealth management.

In October 2014, The Stat Pack became a website – and John and Mike announced that thanks to a happy collaboration with the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada and the Center for Regional Studies at University of Nevada-Reno, the new site would feature data and dialogue about the Southern and Northern Nevada economies. In addition, The Stat Pack began including links and information related to the U.S. economy and items of national impact.

Nine months later, in July 2015, a new-and-improved, fully searchable news website was born. From a front page featuring all the latest data and dialogue (and Mike and John’s always-entertaining Twitter feeds), to tabs and posts organized by subject matter, to great at-a-glance visual elements, The Stat Pack is your one-stop-shop for the Nevada and national economies. Updates are done day-to-day and week-to-week rather than just once per month – and at the end of each week, readers receive the Fact Pack, a pithy email highlighting that week’s most interesting stories and links, along with a peek at what’s on the economic horizon.

Please feel free to email Mike and/or John with your thoughts, questions and suggestions, and please share The Stat Pack with friends and colleagues who might enjoy it.

About Mike and John

John Restrepo is a noted economist and the Principal of RCG Economics in Las Vegas, Nevada where he directs the firm’s economic and financial consulting activities. For over 34 years, John has analyzed regional economic and real estate trends in many economies in the United States.

You can follow John on Twitter @rcgeconomics

Mike PeQueen, CFA, CFP is a Managing Director and Partner at HighTower Las Vegas, one of the region’s most experienced wealth management firms. Mike has more than 27 years of experience in finance in Southern Nevada and is frequently quoted in the media including CNBC, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

You can follow Mike on Twitter @MikePeQueen